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  • Title:Heartline
  • Artist:Craig David
  • Album:Heartline
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    Mmm, yeah
    No, no, yeah
    Been lookin' for you in all the wrong places
    But I don't go there no more
    Every night seein' all the same faces
    But I ain't seen you before
    I don't even know you, know you, know you
    But girl, I think I love you, love you, love you
    I put my lifeline in your hands (lifeline in your hands)
    I already know it's over, over
    Never fightin' you again, no sir
    What I got to lose, I will take a chance
    Girl I'm not afraid in runnin' away tonight though
    I put my heart on the line for you, I put my heart on the line for you
    All my friends think I'm crazy, maybe I've lost my mind, but
    I put my heart on the line for you, my heart on the line for
    For you
    Didn't come in lookin' for a situation
    But who woulda thought?
    I'd be breakin' every rule I ever made, but
    Guess it's a good time to start
    Girl, your body's callin'
    Girl, I'm goin' all in
    And all the stars allignin'
    Just like perfect timin'
    You, oh no