• Title:Oakwood
  • Artist:Angus & Julia Stone
  • Album:Snow
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    Sneak us there in the middle of the night, oh
    Sit up on your roof, have some beers beneath the stars, lover
    I can see you there holding my hand, girl
    Looking in my eyes, oh, giving me the look, lover
    Talking bout the lovers that we had, oh
    Bag them bones, let's forget all about the others
    Look so pretty girl, even when you're high
    It's funny, all the shit we speak when we close our eyes, baby
    Lovers soon to be lovers
    Lovers soon to be others
    We met on the beat beat only ones alive
    Left here to be the only ones to live as lovers
    Trying to move slow but we're so liquored up
    Rolling with the wind like a dusty old pick up truck
    Drinking on the weekend, weekday
    Never get a break to say the things I wanna say, lover
    Coke binge state that I'm living in, honey
    Trying to reach out for a little bit of your money
    Lovers soon to be lovers (like a shadow in the moonlight)