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  • Title:Who Do You Think You Are
  • Artist:Angus & Julia Stone
  • Album:Snow
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    Poems are old and dusty, today
    Is that all you got to... got to say
    'Cause all the diamond rings, they don't mean a thing, babe
    'Cause I got you and you got me, babe
    Ditched all your friends to score some dope
    Then you had the nerve to talk about Murphy's Law
    'Cause we're leaving here to outta space, get your things
    Pack your bags and get your suitcase 'cause I gotta ask ya
    Who do you think you are
    All the kids smoking rocks and playing their guitars
    Can you see the shadows walk the street, can't forget who they are
    Ah, with China Whites screaming out, screaming out your name
    Do you leave good enough alone, do you hold onto the chain
    Can you imagine what that it is to cross an ocean of blue
    So pack your bags, get your suitcase 'cause I gotta ask ya
    Clean as a hounds tooth
    Clean as a hounds, clean as a hounds tooth
    I gotta ask ya