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  • Title:Torture
  • Artist:The Jacksons
  • Album:Scream
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    It was on a street so evil
    So bad that even hell disowned it
    Every single step was trouble
    For the fool who stumbled on it
    Eyes within the dark were watching
    I felt the sudden chill of danger
    Something told me keep on walking
    Told me I should not have come there
    Baby 'cause you cut me like a knife
    Without your love in my life
    Alone I walk in the night
    'Cause I just can't stop this feelin'
    It's torture it's torture it's torture
    She was up a stair to nowhere
    A room forever I'll remember
    She stared as though I should have known her
    Tell me what's your pain or pleasure
    Every little thing you find here
    Is simply for the thrill you're after
    Loneliness or hearts of fire
    I am here to serve all masters
    She said reality is a knife
    When there's no love in your life
    And merciful is the night
    When you just can't stop this feeling
    And I still can't find the meaning no no no
    Of the face I keep on seeing
    Was she real or am I dreaming
    Did the sound of your name
    Turn a wheel start the flame in me
    And I just can't stop this feelin'
    It's torture