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  • Title:Words Are Few
  • Artist:Snoop Dogg;B. Slade
  • Album:Words Are Few
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    作曲 : Anthony Williams II
    There are times when I don't wanna speak
    Grab a pen scratch your chin make the beat
    Maybe not smokin' on the beach
    Paranoid with my boys where my keys
    And my head in the clouds is that him
    And my boys trippin' hard like chill
    Someone new with the mouthful of boot
    Now my boys they come in with the deal
    I'm not mad at you
    Things I'm going through make me act the fool
    Please don't think I'm cruel
    Really normally I'm cool
    There is nothing you can do
    When my words are few
    Things ain't what they seem
    Feeling like I'm fooling me
    I know God is calling me
    I'm not where I'm supposed to be
    Sitting here smoking
    When I should be on my knees
    Why you hounding me
    Why you hounding me in the house of the Lord
    Watch us guilty
    Ain't no move in the parking lot prophecies
    That's why act an addiction you can't find me
    Oh ain't no smiles ain't no joke
    No bitches please
    Ain't no rest for my soul 'til I come clean
    Come clean
    I'll hear from the Lord if I speak
    So back off and let me eat let me feast
    Let me feast
    I know that I
    Chose to backslide
    But now I know the way
    I was born and raised in this thing
    And that's something I chose to do
    Church all my life
    I ain't stepped outside but now I feel the light calling me
    Back to the fall
    Ask your hands show
    When my words
    Oh if I could say a way
    I will just wave my hands
    If I couldn't say a word
    And would you raise my hand
    Speak to me
    Speak to me Lord
    Oh no come one may
    Feels good and I'm so childish
    When my my my my my my
    My my my my my my words are few
    Oh I don't know
    When my words are over
    Same heart came mud