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  • Title:Life Is Good
  • Artist:A Great Big World
  • Album:Life Is Good
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    作曲 : Ian Axel/Chad Vaccarino
    作词 : Ian Axel/Chad Vaccarino
    It's time to celebrate, I think we've got a miracle
    Straight from the heavens this is the start of something beautiful
    The rain is pouring out and now I see the sunshine
    Don't have to worry about a thing here on cloud nine

    Life is good
    Yes it is
    I used to think that I had found what I was looking for
    But now you're here, now I can see it so much more, yeah
    A little smile, I know everything is alright
    Oh, our love is settling in everyday, it's looking so bright
    Life is good (so good)
    Everyday is something new
    And I know you know it too
    Yeah life is good (so good)
    Even when i'm feelin blue
    Life is good, so good
    Cause i know that I got you
    Life is good (life is feeling so good now)
    Life is good (it's gotta feeling so good now)
    You know that life is good (don't have to worry, everything is alright)
    Life is good (woke up this morning and I'm seeing the light)
    Life is good (all of a sudden everything is so bright)
    (One more time)