• Title:YES
  • Artist:Sam Feldt;Akon
  • Album:Sunrise
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    Your body's tellin' me yes, tellin' me yes
    Your eyes are tellin' me yes, tellin' me yes

    Don't give it to me easy, make me work a little
    We move aside, aside and you work the middle
    That was one word to describe your ways
    It's a co-co-colored cartouche
    I'm a teapot, come on, blow the kettle
    I see the trouble that you're trying to make
    I see you're doing what your lips won't say
    Baby, I ain't gettin' in your way, in your way
    So you don't have to say words to me
    No, you don't have to say
    If you say you can't do it then you better do it
    'Cause I'ma take your word, I'ma hold you to it
    Soon as you start steppin' in the place
    You put all my other girls to shame
    Now I already know who I'm leavin' with
    Tellin' me yes, tellin' me yes