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  • Title:traffic Lights
  • Artist:Lena
  • Album:Crystal Sky
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    Lena - Traffic Lights

    How long will it take if I got time for a shower?
    You could jump on the blue line
    Take a bus from the station and I'll meet you out there
    Get a drink if that's alright
    Don't care what we do 'cause the night is ours
    As long as we do what we're doing for hours
    I could wait all night, I, I, I
    I hope that the traffic lights don't change
    Keeping me away from you
    Red, amber, I lose
    And I hope that you're gonna get there soon
    It's cold outside, I've been waiting for an hour
    But it's feeling like forever
    I put my best dress on with a low-cut top
    Guess I should've worn a sweater
    And every passing car leaves me wondering
    Did you read me wrong? What's happening?
    Did the driver say “Go the other way.”
    “And look for something better.”
    I could wait all ni-, i-, i-, i-, i-, i-, i-, i-, i-
    I could wait all ni-, i-, i-, i-, i-, i-