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  • Title:Hand In Hand
  • Artist:Koreana
  • Album:Hand In Hand
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    标题:Hand In Hand (手拉手 88年汉城奥运会会歌 )
    演唱:KOREANA (高丽亚那音乐组合)
    专辑:Hand In Hand (手拉手)
    See the fire in the sky 看见空中的火焰
    We feel the beating of our hearts together 感觉到我们的心一起在跳动
    This our time to rise above 这是我们的时刻,让这团火焰缓缓升起
    We know the chance is here to live forever 我们知道机会永远会在这里
    for all time 永远
    Hand in hand we stand 我们手拉手
    All across the land 穿越五大洲
    We can make this world a better place in which to live 我们能让这个世界变得更美好
    Hand in hand we can 我们心连心
    Start to undrestand 开始懂得了
    Breaking down the walls that come between us for all time 打破在我们之间的那道隔阂的墙
    Everytime we give it all 每次我们的给予
    We feel the flame eternally inside us 我们能感受到心中那永恒的火焰
    Lift our hands up to the sky 举起我们的手
    The morning calm helps us to live in harmony 早晨的平静使我们变得融洽
    Hand in hand 手拉手