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  • Title:Dimelo (X Factor Recording)
  • Artist:Rak-Su;Wyclef Jean;Naughty Boy
  • Album:Dimelo (X Factor Recording)
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    作曲 : Mustafa Rahimtulla/Myles Stephenson/Ashley Fongo/Jamaal Shurland
    作词 : Mustafa Rahimtulla/Myles Stephenson/Ashley Fongo/Jamaal Shurland
    Oh, you got my heart beating rápido
    You got the boom like your name's J'Lo
    You got them hips like Shakira
    Smile like Camila
    Got me feeling Latino
    Dimelo, dimelo, dimelo
    We were, two stepping on the dance floor
    And now ya, still telling me you want more
    Podemos bailar 'till ya feet sore
    Tengo a few moves at a top drawer (aye)
    I grab your hand, we start to step (aye)
    We salsa dance and move correct (aye)
    She got me in deep like a scuba (woo)
    I'm telling she hotter than Cuba
    The way you move, the way you move
    Makes me wanna get close to you
    I had to Whatsapp my amigos
    She moving like she from Puerto Rico
    Shakira, Shakira
    Still no fighting tonight
    Wanna be startin' something, guilty feet ain't got no rhythm
    That's George Michael moonwalking with Michael Jackson
    Rihanna she give me wild thoughts
    Baby take off like planes at Heathrow Airport
    Figure 8 make man take bait
    I never really knew that she could dance like this
    Pulled up, turning up and it was you that I saw
    Mamacita, nice to meet ya, started dancing some more
    Back to the table couple drinks we're just gonna pour
    Then I whisper in her ear, "I've never seen you before"
    Your body like an hourglass and now an hour pass (hey)
    And now it's getting dark, how about we just leave this bar
    We can reach the stars, places new, that's my task
    Me and you can go cruising see some blues up in my car
    Oh, it's a party
    Oh, it's survival
    Oh, it's survival, oh