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  • Title:Forever
  • Artist:Kiss
  • Album:Hot In The Shade
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  • Uploador:WarMachine666
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    " Forever "

    I gotta tell you what I'm feeling inside,
    I could lie to myself, but it's true,
    There's no denying when I look in your eyes,
    Girl I'm out of my head over you.
    And I lived so long believing all love is blind,
    But everything about you,
    Is telling me this time, it's
    This time I know and there's no doubt in my mind,
    Until my life is through,
    Girl, I'll be loving you, forever...
    I hear the echo of a promise I made,
    When you're strong you can stand on your own,
    Those words grow distant as I look at your face,
    No, I don't wanna go it alone.
    And I never thought I'd lay my heart on the line,
    Yeah!, yeah!, yeah!
    (Guitar solo)
    Ooooooooh!, I see my future when I look in your eyes,
    It took your love to make my heart come alive,
    'Cause I lived my life believing all love is blind,
    Is telling me this time.
    It's forever!,
    Ooooooh!, it's forever!,
    /* By WarMachine66 */