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  • Title:Dreams
  • Artist:NF
  • Album:Perception
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    作曲 : Nate Feuerstein/Tommee Profitt
    作词 : Nate Feuerstein/Tommee Profitt
    Yeah, most of my life's full of sad days
    Started at a young age
    Yeah, bought a house but I've been livin' on stage
    Tryna find the real me, I ain't found it yet
    Wake up every morning feelin' like I'm guilty
    Talk to God, "Can you hear me?"
    Lately, I'm a mess
    I don't want no one to help me
    Yeah, I don't want no one to help me and
    If you think that I make decisions
    Based off of what you think, then you're wrong
    Can't nobody think for me, I got my own thoughts
    Sometimes you don't know what you had
    Until it's all gone, 'til it's all gone
    If I took the hand that was dealt me
    Then I would be nowhere in life
    Yeah, I had to think smart
    Threw away the deck and got my own cards
    Long before I had the money to afford a car
    I–I've been doin' me (yeah)
    I've been doin' me
    Yeah, I've been doin' me
    Followin' my dreams
    Most of my life's full of regrets
    Things I wanna take back, yeah
    Wrote you a letter
    Wish that I had never sent that
    Didn't even make sense, I don't even know
    All I know is I get lower on the weekends
    They tell me I should make friends
    I just sit at home
    Lately, I've been off the deep end, yeah
    I've been off the deep end and
    If you think that I'm 'bout to change who I am
    Just for you then you're so wrong
    As I kid I built a house around my broke heart
    Until it falls apart, 'til it falls apart
    I (yeah)–I've been doin' me (oh, yeah)
    Yeah, I've been doin' me (I have been)
    Yeah, I've been doin' me (followin' my)
    I've been doin' me (I've been followin' my)
    Yeah, I'm just doin' me
    Yeah, I'm just doin' me (yeah)
    I'm reminiscin' back to both of us laughin'
    Playin' old records
    Thinkin' every one of 'em's classic
    Windows down, we on the street up in Michigan rappin'
    We talked about it
    But never really knew it could happen
    My confidence about as low as the gas is
    We didn't have the money for it
    So we'd turn the key backwards
    And sit in parking lots for hours 'til the battery crashes
    I think that we related
    'Cause both of us were lookin' for answers
    A couple months ago I drove into Gladwin
    Got me all in my feelings
    It's somethin' 'bout bein' somewhere that's familiar
    Pull in the gas station
    Open up the tank then I fill it then laugh
    Would I move back? Mm, not in a million
    But I appreciate the memories we had
    I know you've been callin', sorry I never call back
    I know I've been distant, you know I never meant that
    You can tell the family how I'm doing if they ask
    I'm just doin' me