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  • Title:Need Me
  • Artist:Eminem;P!nk
  • Album:Revival
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    作曲 : Marshall Mathers
    作词 : Marshall Mathers
    You're drunk, the coffee is burned
    I hate to find you like this
    I always find you like this
    I come home and clean up your mess
    What would you do without that?
    Why do I always come back?
    Oh, what I wouldn't do for you
    And I'm starting to think maybe you need me
    Maybe you need me
    Some nights I want to run for the hills
    It's never easy with you
    I cannot reason with you
    But your smile is as rare as it comes
    What would I do without that
    Maybe that's why I come back
    Starting to think we were made for each other
    But one of us in this relationship is raising the other
    You remind me of my mother
    We drive one another as crazy as each other
    And we're both adults so there's no excuse
    For the games that we play with each other
    Where you at? At a friends?
    No you ain't, motherfucker
    But I give her the benefit of the doubt
    Whenever the doubt kicks in, shiver
    When I touch her, 'cause I love her so much, I'm a sucker
    Our bottom lip can quiver when she's in trouble,
    She's in hot water
    Think I caught her cheating again
    Give her another chance? Another one after that?
    I'm swimming in that Egyptian River cause I'm in denial
    Say I don't eat shit, but I got a shit-eating grin when I smile
    Making an excuse for us to act it out
    She's just acting out, with her inner child
    Then I set the truth on fire
    Cause I'd rather believe a lie then breathe
    A sigh of relieve that I don't believe in
    Going to bed mad
    I keep on trying to make a bad girl good
    But haven't I stood by you in good times?
    And bad? I'm starting to feel like you're god damn dead
    'Cause I literally feel like you could die of a "should I?"
    Leave me for good? You never would
    It'd be all bad
    Never understood why they call it goodbye
    But I think I'm a pretty damn good guy
    And you're a good person, too
    I can save you, I can make you change
    But I keep putting my fuckin foot in my mouth
    Every time I gotta come to bail you out
    When you get in trouble that you get yourself in
    I miss trouble but I can't leave
    I'll sell you out! I could never turn my fuckin' back on you
    What is that?
    I'm co-dependant, I'm just now noticing it
    But somehow it's like every time I go to end it
    I ain't got the cahoney's to do it
    Nor the heart, uh, department store
    You're using my heart for a dart board
    But God must've had a non-stop score
    'Cause somebody paired us up
    And they say he ain't capable of making a mistake
    But this one's perfect
    'Cause I'm...