• Title:Ball For Me
  • Artist:Post Malone;Nicki Minaj
  • Album:beerbongs & bentleys
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    Woah for me
    Baby could you? I got too much on my mind right now
    I ain't got the time to get you Saint Laurent down
    Could you? I got too much on my mind right now
    Time to hit Rodeo, give my baby 30 thou'
    Ball for me
    B-ball for me, yeah
    I'm on the road, I'm gettin' paid,
    Like what you want, baby? (What you want, baby?)
    You're bougie, baby, but I love you,
    Baby, give you the world, baby (you the world, baby)
    Paid five grand for a handbag,
    That's Saint Laurent (Saint Laurent, baby)
    Damn, you love that money, baby (oh-oh-oh)
    Hunnid thousand plus hunnid thousand, my whip (my whip, my whip)
    30 thousand plus 30 thousand, my wrist (my wrist, my wrist)
    We got alcohol plus bad bitches,
    That's lit (that's lit, that's lit)
    I swear baby, we was just kissin',
    That's it (that's it, that's it)
    How could I forget the shit that you done done for me? (For me)
    Baby gonna take the charge and take the fall for me (for me)
    Would love you shoppin', buckle up and your toll
    Sorry, lil' mama, I can't give you more
    Yo, gotta hit him on the jack
    When you comin' back? Where is you at on the map?
    Everything is intact
    Could have been a seamstress, still wouldn't cut him slack
    Pretty much, ain't got a clue
    Itty bitty piggyback off everything I do
    But I'm still droppin' jaws
    Got 'em lookin' like James Harden at the awards
    Back to you, I'm so into you
    For real, bread like I'm kin to you
    If you a 10, I add 10 to you
    They be mad when I tend to you
    That's what the bae like
    Call me Buffy 'cause that's what I slay like
    These bitches, I son 'em like it's daylight
    These niggas wanna know what it tastes like
    What it tastes like, yo, what it tastes like, yo
    They wanna know what it tastes like, yo
    All this ice, it should taste like snow
    Get kimonos and let's fly to Tokyo
    Pretty, pretty please baby, won't you cop this for me?
    What it tastes like