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  • Title:This Summer
  • Artist:Maroon 5
  • Album:V (Deluxe)
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    This summer's gonna hurt like a motherfucker
    Her body's hot
    Her body's like the summer
    I'm in a trance or something
    Her mind is not, no
    As sharp as all her diamonds
    She must be smoking something
    I see her dancing in the streets
    Sipping champagne on the beach
    So expensive when she eats
    'Cause she's so fancy
    I see her when I go to sleep
    I check my phone when I am weak
    She never posts anything deep
    She wants it all
    She's always taking something
    And now I'm left with nothing
    I'm ripping off, oh
    I'm ripping off that bandage
    Because I just can't stand it
    I see her dancing on a fool
    Like she's seventeen and cool
    She really thinks that she can move
    But it's just nasty
    Has to have it all
    Chases every star
    She's so popular
    She's so popular, oh
    This summer's gonna hurt
    It's gonna hurt
    I see her dancing in the street