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  • Title:Home with You
  • Artist:Madison Beer
  • Album:As She Pleases
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    I ain't got no time for no games
    Tell me what you like but it's never gon' change
    So you do what you wan-wanna do
    And I'm not going home with you, home with you
    I'm not being rude, can you give me my space
    'Cause I do what wan-wanna do
    Your words are dead
    Cheap blondes are boring
    So I do my thing
    And keep on ignoring
    You saw, you're aware
    I don't go around givin' my thing up, thing up
    Have some respect, It's quite insulting
    I don't wanna wake up with you in the morning
    You tell me you're different, excuse me for snoring
    You liar, liar
    No, baby don't tell me your story
    You know I don't care
    So why you persistent?
    For no I am not, not gonna sleep with you
    Stop now, stop now
    Have some respect
    Don't act like I'm blind
    I can see your intent
    I've spent way too much time
    I have listened to this
    Listened to shit from a player
    You get no love
    Oh, I'm not going
    I'm not going home with you boy, no
    I'm not doing home with you, home with you
    Don't do this to me, nightmare
    You got a nice face, big deal
    Don't want what you got right here
    I won't hear you darling
    'Cause I'm not your baby
    Do I have to say it?
    Say it again, again?
    So you do what you want, what you wanna do
    Oh, you do what you wan-wanna do