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  • Title:If Our Love Is Wrong
  • Artist:Calum Scott
  • Album:Only Human (Deluxe)
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    I don't know how I should say it
    In my mind, it's every word
    That they don't wanna hear
    I don't know how they might take it
    Maybe you can take the pressure
    And make it disappear
    Throw out the inhibition
    You make me feel a feeling that I've never felt before
    I don't know if they're gonna like it
    But that only makes me want it more
    'Cause I'm nobody's but yours
    If it's me
    And if it's you
    And if our love is wrong
    Then I don't ever wanna be right
    I don't ever wanna be right
    If it's real
    And if it's true
    Oh oh, yeah yeah
    Oh oh , yeah I just want you to be mine
    Why would I need their permission
    Skin and bones, I'm only human
    It's in my DNA
    Suffocating just to fit in
    Why do I care what people say
    I just want you to be mine