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  • Title:Epoch (The Living Tombstones Remix)
  • Artist:Savlonic
  • Album:Neon : Remixes
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    Savlonic - Epoch (The Living Tombstones Remix)
    Everyone makes mistakes
    I've had more than my share
    But it's ok 'cause I'm gonna repair it
    They say there are no retakes
    But I just don't agree, no, this show
    Is of my own making
    Take it back to the start
    I've had a change of heart
    I know we can make it better than it ever was
    I know we can make it better

    I know there's things to change
    The path that I could choose is loose and
    I must find a new one
    Our fates are not yet written
    I will take the warning, choose a
    Way that's less destructive
    Yeah, I know
    we look bad
    But we have only seen one path
    Can't you see?
    We are free
    To choose our destiny
    And be the way we want to be
    A second chance, you just need to believe
    Believe (16x)
    Take back to the start