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  • Title:Stop Me From Falling
  • Artist:Kylie Minogue
  • Album:Golden (Deluxe edition)
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    Artist : Kylie Minogue
    Title : Stop Me From Falling
    Somehow we've always been together
    But never got together
    I never felt the pressure till now
    There's something in the air
    I'm here and you're just there
    I can't pretend that I don't care
    Yeah, one day I might get it right
    Am I ready for tonight?
    Yeah, caution, caution, amber lights
    Still can't get you off my mind
    Don't know how, I don't know where
    But we're becoming more than friends
    Getting closer to the edge
    Stop me from falling
    Shoulda seen the warning sign
    Now we're running out of time
    Kinda wanna cross the line
    For you
    One risk from lying on your shoulder
    When I was feeling colder
    And now I can't get over
    One kiss, a dangerous situation
    I'm lost in hesitation
    My heart's a little shaken
    Stop me from fallingCredits