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  • Title:A Lifetime To Repair
  • Artist:Kylie Minogue
  • Album:Golden (Deluxe edition)
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    Artist : Kylie Minogue
    Title : A Lifetime To Repair
    Cupid don't love me like he used to do
    'Cause I'm broken-hearted way too soon
    I let my guard down, the devil's gone and left me a bruise
    Rock at the bottom but I try again
    Romeo still needs [my hand?]
    Thought I would settle down with happy ever after instead
    Six, five, four, three
    Too many times
    I wish I never cared
    Been torn and twisted, oh I swear
    Too many nights
    Crying that life's not fair
    When I get hurt again
    I need a lifetime to repair
    He told these stories and they got me good
    Who said that fairytales aren't true?
    If he saves me from the dragon, well I'd fall in love, I'd be a fool
    I love I love the stupid things he does
    Straight up forgive him when he's wrong
    When he's fallen off the wagon, we'll still dance to our favourite sad songs
    I see that love is everywhere
    But it's a game of truth or dare
    Gimme that guarantee and I'll be there
    Heaven knows I tried my best
    But I'm swimming in the sea of loneliness
    Wanna take that chance and I won't say yet
    I need a lifetime to repair