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  • Title:Lost Without You
  • Artist:Kylie Minogue
  • Album:Golden (Deluxe edition)
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    Artist : Kylie Minogue
    Title : Lost Without You
    Can I be honest with you?
    Can I tell you the truth?
    I never did mind the storm
    Even when my heart was torn
    Thunder in the night sky
    Running from a town like this
    Crashing with a stolen kiss
    We're all glitter and tears in the moonlight
    And it came to me in a taxi ride
    Hit me like a blinding light
    And my heart was beating so alive
    Wanna find myself out in the wild
    Oh I, oh I
    I wanna get lost without you
    (In the dark, in the night)
    (Get it wrong, make it right)
    Ooh, ooh
    Tell me is that cool?
    Ain't gonna be afraid of fun
    Gonna let my makeup run
    Oh see every sunrise
    Facing up to all my fears
    Gonna find a way outta here
    Before the sky was broken
    I can get in and out of trouble on my own
    Just don't leave me totally alone
    Baby the world can see me dance
    The universe was ours and then it disappeared
    But the skies are still blue
    With or without you
    And now I'm standing out here, in the crowd
    And I'm dancing