• Title:Hush
  • Artist:Lasse Lindh
  • Album:쓸쓸하고 찬란하神-도깨비OST
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  • Uploador:Caliginous
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    Through the endless daydream
    I saw you on the way back
    There I walked with you in my arms
    Through the blurry darkness
    Who’s veiling on the twilight
    We’ve been far away from my fears
    Somewhere else I’ll see you
    Our days be like a blossom
    Blooming all around you
    so bright
    By and by
    I’ll miss you
    and your laugh like a sunshine
    Fading into shadow of tears
    All around me is your light
    With you
    everything so shines
    How come we’ll leave all behind
    Cause your love is falling on my heart
    And I’m falling for you
    Falling with broken wings again
    Hush now my angel
    I will always be with you
    In your pretty smile
    in a glow of tears
    Out across the frosty night
    I’ll be there with you
    Maybe someday
    you’ll wake up alone without me
    But don’t cry again
    I’ll be waiting here
    Where the moon is on the rise
    As the olden days
    I could just go with you
    between our time
    Where they can’t find us
    You could just come away
    with me out there
    Where we could dream away
    All day
    Maybe you’ll always breath in me ever in my heart
    All the little pieces of you
    look how they shine above
    Come away with me tonight
    We’ll be dreaming away there