• Title:Faded
  • Artist:Iselin Solheim
  • Album:Faded (Single)
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  • Uploador:Caliginous
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    Iselin Solheim - Faded
    You were the shadow to my light
    Did you feel us?
    Another start, you fade away
    Afraid our aim is out of sight
    Wanna see us, alive
    Where are you now?
    Was it all in my fantasy?
    Were you only imaginary?
    Under the sea, under the sea
    Another dream
    The monster's running wild inside of me
    I'm faded
    So lost, I'm faded, I'm faded
    So lost, I'm faded
    These shallow waters never met what I needed
    I'm letting go, a deeper dive
    Eternal silence of the sea
    I'm breathing, alive
    Under the bright but faded lights
    You set my heart on fire
    I'm faded, I'm faded
    I'm faded, I'm faded So lost, I'm faded, I'm faded