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  • Title:Stepping Stone
  • Artist:Eminem
  • Album:Kamikaze
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    Producer:Luis Resto/Eminem
    It's 2002 everything was totally new
    We were globally huge
    Watching sales go through the roof
    We wrote and we viewed it
    Runyon Avenue soldiers included
    A multitude of homies who would bounce for no good excuse
    We were so bulletproof wrote souped and soaked in our youth
    Thought we was running sh*t till we lost the sole of our shoe
    The death of Doody broke us in two
    We were thrown for a loop ain't none of us know what to do
    And at the time I was going through my own struggles too
    So I wasn't in no condition to be coaching us through
    Everyone tried to go solo really nobody blew
    I was hoping they do so I ain't have to shoulder the group
    The plan was put everyone in position so that they knew
    How to stand on they own and I don't want to open up wounds
    I just noticed the oomf was gone when we go in the booth
    Cause the truth is the moment that proof died so did the group
    If I could leave this world behind
    I could open up my eyes and walk in a straight line
    Turn to the river with you
    Help me leave this all behind
    I'ma wash away my sins
    I'ma rinse away this dirt
    I forgot to make amends
    To all the friends I may have hurt
    I better stop and say my grace
    From that I pray that I don't fall
    'Cause on the way back down I may
    May end up running back into them all
    I never meant to use you all as my stepping stones
    It was never the same and it's bothered me since
    And the farther we drift apart the more awkward it gets
    The more time goes by the more life happens
    And we gotta be men we got responsibilities
    Plus we don't say how we feel and I feel like this is what got us in
    The debacle we're in d**n with you guys thick and thin
    But it's almost as if sometimes we're not even friends
    Which reminded me this Rockstar was the sh*t
    Y'all could've got you a hit without you on it
    If you've put D12 on it wish I could've did
    More than try talking you into coming up off of it
    I know it wasn't my fault but part of it probably is
    I think of all of the trips to BET and the rappers
    I wish that we would've politicked with
    Maybe y'all coulda clicked and got you some features
    But that's water under the bridge
    But I'm washing my sins in it till my concious is clear
    Bacardi in hand
    Never thought the party would end
    One minute you're bodyin' sh*t but then your audience splits
    You can already sense the climate is startin' to shift
    To these kids you no longer exist
    Went from rainin' cats and dogs in this b**ch
    To tiny drops full of drips
    And by the time your reign is over you'll hardly be missed
    You start thinkin' of all the artists you gift
    All the carnage you left
    Is this the kinda karma you get
    For turning your f**kin' back on Bizzy Kuniva and Swift
    A Freudian slip
    Subconsciously I honestly wished
    I ain't feel so much guilt and y'all didn't harbor resentment
    But it's hard to pretend that y'all ain't got none of this
    Wish I had words
    But I guess they're just ownin' for this
    Still my point is I just can't say how sorry I am
    This is not how I planned for our story to end
    I love all of you men
    But I just can't be the guy
    Everybody depends on for entire careers
    'Cause that's not even fair
    I will always be here
    But that spark isn't there
    And I don't know how to recapture that time and that air
    I've tried hearkening back to
    But I'm fighting for air
    I'm barely charting myself
    Feels like I'm under the sink
    But it was not my intent
    To treat y'all like a stepping stone
    Though I ain't left no one behind
    But we been down every road
    Done all we possibly can
    I know we kept up our hopes
    But the longer we spend livin' this lie that we live
    The less is left for closure so let's let this go
    It's not goodbye to our friendship but D12 is over
    I never meant to make you feel like my stepping stones
    I never meant to use you all for my stepping stones