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  • Title:Ferrari
  • Artist:Bebe Rexha
  • Album:Expectations
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    Every day is a blur
    Sometimes I can't tell what day it is
    Don't know what day it is
    Can you tell me what day it is?
    Life's passing by
    'Cause I'm out chasing empty highs
    Every hello just means goodbye
    But I'm looking for more this time
    Can we start to slow it down?
    Can we learn to live right now?
    I just want to feel it all
    I'm a Ferrari pulled off on Mulholland Drive
    Over the city, the lights are so pretty from up here
    I'm a Ferrari and after the party is done
    I keep on going, missing the moments
    Living in the fast lane is getting kind of lonely (yeah)
    Whoo, ooh, ooh-ooh
    Whoo, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh
    Living in the fast lane is getting kind of lonely
    Got a heavy heart
    'Cause it's still beating on its own
    Might be going out in the ground
    But I'm still coming home alone
    Not trying to say I'm not grateful for everything
    I'm just going too fast to see
    All the good things in front of me