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  • Title:Guiding Light
  • Artist:Mumford & Sons
  • Album:Guiding Light
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    All day permanent red
    The glaze on my eyes
    When I heard your voice
    The distance caught me by surprise again
    And I know you claim
    That you're alright
    But fix your eyes on me
    I guess I'm all you have
    And I swear you'll see the dawn again
    Well I know I had it all on the line
    But don't just sit with folded hands and become blind
    Cos even when there is no star in sight
    You'll always be my only guiding light
    Relate to my youth
    Well I'm still in awe of you
    Discover some new truth
    That was always wrapped around you
    But don't just slip away
    In the night
    Don't just hurl
    Your words from on high
    If we come back and we're broken
    Unworthy and ashamed
    Give us something to believe in
    And you know we'll go your way
    Cos I know I had it all on the line
    And I know I had it all on the line