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  • Title:Yuk Foo
  • Artist:Wolf Alice
  • Album:Visions of a Life
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    Am I a bitch to not like you anymore?
    Punch me in my face, I wouldn't even fight you no more
    'Cause you bore me
    You bore me to death
    Well, deplore me
    No, I don't give a shit
    I wanna fuck all the people I meet
    Fuck all my friends and all the people in the street
    Well, I don't give a shit (shit, shit, shit)

    I don't wanna be cruel, but you're really grinding
    I'm not a fool but I have a rage and it's blinding
    I feel it coming, is it exciting?
    I feel it coming, Yeah I'm unwinding
    You bore me
    Yeah I have feelings, 'cause I'm a human
    Totally self-destructive, constantly consuming
    And now I'm fucked, and that fucks you too
    So fuck the world, and you, and you and