• Title:Diamond Heart
  • Artist:Alan Walker;Sophia Somajo
  • Album:Diamond Heart
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    作曲 : Alan Walker/Sophia Somajo/Mood Melodies/James Njie/Thomas Troelsen/Kristoffer Haugan/Edvard Normann/Anders Froen/Gunnar Greve/Yann Bargain
    作词 : Sophia Somajo
    Hello sweet grief
    I know you will be the death of me
    Feel like the morning after ecstasy
    I am drowning in an endless sea
    Hello old friend
    Here’s the misery that knows no end
    So I am doing everything can
    To make sure I never love again
    I wish that I did not know
    Where all broken lovers go
    I wish that my heart was made of stone
    Yeah, if I was bulletproof
    I’d love you black and blue
    If I was solid like a jewel
    If I had a diamond heart
    Oh oh
    I’d give you all my love
    If I was unbreakable
    You could shoot me with a gun of gold
    I’d walk straight through the bullet
    Bendin’ like a tulip
    Blue-eyed and foolish
    Never mind the bruises
    Into the fire
    Breakin’ through the wires
    Give you all I’ve got
    (If I had a diamond heart)
    I’d walk straight through the dagger
    Never break the pattern
    Diamonds don’t shatter
    Beautiful and battered
    Into the poison
    Cry you an ocean
    Goodbye, so long
    I don’t know if this is right or wrong
    Am I giving up where I belong?
    ’Cause every station is playing our song
    Goodbye my love
    You are everything my dreams are made of
    You’ll be prince and I’m the crying dove
    If I only were unbreakable
    steady is a stone