• Title:Run Free
  • Artist:Deep Chills;IVIE
  • Album:Run Free
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    I still remember
    loving in the danger
    you set me on fire
    when I’m by your side
    takin’ me higher
    I’ll follow you down if you go now
    And you say you wanna get away
    you wanna take me all the way
    when you get burned if you get closer
    to the sun I want ya
    we can burn to get the fading into one another
    Oh don’t you know
    Just love and call me
    baby we could run free
    if you do it just the way I like
    maybe I could waste my time
    on you
    Never mind all the world reads
    My deepest secrets
    trust you to keep them
    hide in the words I can not say
    I got what you wanted
    I got what you needed
    It’s all in the way
    that you say my name
    on you