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  • Title:Before I Cry
  • Artist:Lady Gaga
  • Album:A Star Is Born Soundtrack
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    I can’t believe the things you said
    Right now I wish that you would try
    Try to stay near me
    Try to be near me
    Before I cry
    ‘Cause I’m gonna need a well
    To catch the pain and lift the spell
    Like you won’t hear me
    Can you try and heal me
    Hurry up, hurry up
    Before I lose you
    Before you lose me too
    Before I change my mind
    'Cause I’m gonna cry
    If you say you don’t need me
    I’m gonna cry if you act like you don’t care
    Promise me, baby, you know I can’t fake it
    Why don’t you hold me?
    Tell me you love me
    Could you please find another way?
    I start to think I'm insane
    Trying to stay here
    Let me just lay here
    I'm 'bout to lose it
    It's that so confusing
    Am I just repeating myself?
    Say something loving to me before I crumble
    Tell me, tell me, tell me
    Have I said what I needed to say?
    Have you said what you wanted to say?
    Did you say what you wanted to say?
    Would you try and stop me before I cry?