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  • Title:thank u, next
  • Artist:Ariana Grande
  • Album:thank u, next
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    Thought I'd end up with Sean
    But he wasn't a match
    Wrote some songs about Ricky
    Now I listen and laugh
    Even almost got married
    And for Pete, I'm so thankful
    Wish I could say, "Thank you" to Malcolm
    'Cause he was an angel
    One taught me love
    One taught me patience
    And one taught me pain
    Now, I'm so amazing
    I've loved and I've lost
    But that's not what I see
    So, look what I got
    Look what you taught me
    And for that, I say
    Thank you, next (Next)
    Thank you, next
    I'm so ****in' grateful for my ex
    I'm so ****in'—
    Spend more time with my friends
    I ain't worried 'bout nothin'
    Plus, I met someone else
    We havin' better discussions
    I know they say I move on too fast
    But this one gon' last
    'Cause her name is Ari
    And I'm so good with that (So good with that)
    She taught me love (Love)
    She taught me patience (Patience)
    And she handles pain (Pain)
    That shit's amazing (Yeah, she's amazing)
    I've loved and I've lost (Yeah, yeah)
    But that's not what I see (Yeah, yeah)
    Just look what I've found (Yeah, yeah)
    Ain't no need for searching, and for that, I say
    Thank you, next (Thank you, next)
    Thank you, next (Thank you)
    Thank you, next (Said thank you, next)
    I'm so ****ing—
    One day I'll walk down the aisle
    Holding hands with my mama
    I'll be thanking my dad
    'Cause she grew from the drama
    Only wanna do it once, real bad
    Gon' make that shit last
    God forbid something happens
    Least this song is a smash (Song is a smash)
    I've got so much love (Love)
    Got so much patience (Patience)
    I've learned from the pain (Pain)
    I turned out amazing (Turned out amazing)
    Ain't no need for searching
    And for that, I'll say
    Yeah, yee