• Title:ZEZE
  • Artist:Kodak Black;Travis Scott;Offset
  • Album:ZEZE (feat. Travis Scott & Offset)
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    D.A. got that dope!
    Ice water, turned Atlantic (Freeze)
    Nightcrawlin' in the Phantom (Skrrt, skrrt)
    Told them hoes that don't you panic
    Took an island, (Yeah) flood the mansion (Big water)
    Dropped the roof, more expansion
    Drive a coupe you can stand in (It's lit)
    See the bitches undercover (In the sheets)
    I'm an ass and titties lover (Big ass)
    Guess we all made for each other
    Now that all the dawgs free (Yeah, yeah)
    And we out in these streets (Alright)
    Can you do it, can you pop it for me?
    Pull up in a demon, on God (On God)
    Lookin' like I still do fraud (Fraud)
    Flyin' private jet with the rod (Rod)
    This that Z shit, this that Z shit (This that Z shit)
    Offset! Blow the brains out the coupe (Boo)
    Police wanna talk, but I'm on mute (Woo-woo, hey)
    I'ma bust her wrist down 'cause she cute (Ice)
    **** her on a yacht, dive in a pool (Yeah)
    She an addict (Addict),
    Addict for the lifestyle and the Patek (Patek)
    Big daddy, have you ever felt Chanel fabrics? (Chanel)
    I be drippin' to death, I need a casket (Drippin')
    And we got more stripes than the ref,
    He foul, TEC him (Bow, stripes)
    In the middle of the field like David Beckham (Field, bow-bow)
    All my niggas locked up, for real,
    I'm tryna help 'em (Free, free)
    When I got a mil', got me the chills,
    Don't know what happened (Hoo, chills)
    Pop pills, do what you feel, I'm on that zombie (Hey, hoo)
    I'm more like Gaddafi, I'm not no Gandhi (Gaddafi, hey)
    I'm more like I'm David, Goliath runnin' (Hey, hey)
    Niggas be clonin', I find it funny (Clone, haha)
    We from the Nawf,
    Straight out of the dungeon (We from the Nawf, hey)
    I go in her mouth,
    She can't tell me nothin' (Eghck, eghck, egchk)
    300, the watch is out of your budget (Woo, woo, 300)
    Mean-muggin' got me clutchin'
    Yeah, and this stick right out of Russia
    Took an island,(Yeah) flood the mansion (Big water)
    Bitches undercover (In the sheets)
    Guess we all went for each other
    In a Hellcat 'cause I'm a hell-raiser
    Self-made, I don't owe a nigga nann favor
    When you get that money, nigga, keep your heart
    I'm slidin' in a coupe, ain't got no key to start
    I got the fire on me in BET Awards
    When your well run dry, you know you need me for it
    When I pull up in the Buick, you know what I'm doin'
    If the police get behind me, I'm fleein' and eludin'
    Sleepin' on the palette turned me to a savage
    I'm a project baby, now I stay in Calabasas
    Like I still serve fiends, like I'm still jackin'
    I be sippin' on lean, tryna keep balance
    Hit that Z-Walk, Dickie's with my Reeboks
    I don't say much, I just let the heat talk
    Your jewelry water whip, diamonds like re-rock
    My lil' baby ride the dick like a seesaw
    When I stepped up on the scene, I was on a bean
    When I jumped up out the Beam', I was in Celine
    Baby girl you just a fling, that ain't what I mean
    Money bustin' out my jeans like I do the scheme
    Uh-huh, ha, oh-ah-oh