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  • Title:Woman's World
  • Artist:Little Mix
  • Album:LM5 (Deluxe)
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    作曲 : Jade Thirlwall/Rachel Furner/Jez Ashurst
    作词 : Jade Thirlwall/Rachel Furner/Jez Ashurst
    [Verse 1: Jesy]
    Every day she tells her daughter
    "Baby, you're not just a pretty face"
    She says she gotta work much harder than every single man
    That's just the way
    [Pre-Chorus: Jesy]
    But she goes to the same job everyday
    She's overworked and underpaid
    Just 'cause the way her body's made
    Ain't that insane?
    [Chorus: Jade]
    If you never been told how you gotta be
    What you gotta wear, hot you gotta speak
    If you never shouted to be heard
    You ain't lived in a woman's world
    And if you can't see that, it's gonna change
    Only want the body and not the brains
    If you think that's the way it works
    You ain't lived in a woman's world, no
    Try living, try try living
    Try living in a woman's world
    [Verse 2: Leigh-Anne]
    Every night she tells her daughter
    "Don't you know a change is gonna come?"
    There's a whisper in the water
    And I know the tide is gonna turn
    No, no, no
    [Pre-Chorus: Leigh-Anne]
    Just look at how far that we've got
    And don't think that we'll ever stop
    This ain't the way it's gonna be
    No, this ain't the way it's got to be
    Know that there will be a day
    When everyone's treat you the same
    It's the only way it's gotta be
    Yeah, it's the one way it's gotta be, yeah
    You got to try