• Title:Purpose
  • Artist:Jonas Blue;Era Istrefi
  • Album:Blue
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    Oh, yeah
    What up, what up with you, boy?
    What up with acting so coy?
    I’m reading you like a book
    I can tell how you feel
    You wanna love me so good
    Come in the mood like you should
    If you want more than a look
    Better prove how you feel
    Like, all night, all night, all night long
    All night long, I know what you want
    All my, all my, all my love
    All my love, I know what you want
    Sorry, my mistake
    If you think you’re meant for me
    Sorry, what can I say?
    I didn’t do it on purpose
    I guess I got what you need
    But if you’re gonna make it worth it
    Work it for me
    I guess you like what you see
    No, no
    So what you gonna do now?
    You took the words outta your mouth
    You got your eyes on my lips
    Beggin’ to pull me in
    I woke up looking this good
    But I didn’t do it for you
    You want your hands on my hips
    Why don’t you pull me in?
    (I didn’t do it on-)