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  • Title:AirForce
  • Artist:Dig Dat
  • Album:AirForce
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    I was on the roads tryna double up,
    Home now I wanna see my p's just triple
    Had to run a boy down in my Air Force,
    Pissed, 'cause now they got a crease in the middle
    Are you sure this corn will fit this wap though,
    Bro these teeth ain't little
    See a hottie with the biggest back,
    B, I'm not sure if 'dem jeans fit you
    (Hello)I was on the roads tryna double up,
    Pissed cah now they got a crease in the middle
    Excuse me miss, where you from?
    My name's Digs—ask what I'm on
    I just got back from a stretch,
    They didn't miss me when I was gone
    Now I'm tryna not miss these sales,
    I get pissed when the ringtone stops
    What you know about sitting in jail,
    And you feel like the pillow's giving you spots?
    Whoever said that it's live are liars
    White Serco, black car tyres
    Bag of high fences and barb wires
    My shank, sharp like a guillotine
    Long like limousine knife work cray, cray,
    Rudeboy I do you up differently
    Hood on my head past twelve,
    Now they can't see his face too visually
    See the green and red on my belts,
    So you know that it came from Italy
    Sun's out, Air force ones out,
    Had to run a boy over the grass
    They stay on their marks, get set,
    Go and just blow so fast (where you going?)
    She's like coca-cola,
    Golden can't you see her glow from far
    This slate got meet up late,
    Putting it all into stones of dark (chop it)
    Just bring it up front
    Like Rooney "S" move like Diego Costa
    Told her my life's like a movie,
    You ain't gotta go cinema
    I can't bring home these groupies,
    Plus her boyfriend knows who we are
    Said he's on me your kidding,
    You don't wanna end up on the hit list
    "S" got his Rambo's twinning,
    Stepping with mine
    So we're calling them triplets (three of dem)
    And everything I dig these days,
    Just wanna know DigDat's business
    Let me chop and weigh this O,
    Got biss-eds ordering bundles not one tick
    Better pay as you go
    This bujj just runs black liquid,
    Stick handle wood it's vintage
    And I don't wanna pick up the food
    But I might sound rude if he don't give pictures
    My phone just came encrypted want me in a case
    But it just got lifted
    Hit a three on two times two,
    That's ten-man serving 'em one-by-one (line it)
    Hop out 'dem four-by-four on three-man,
    Got two, one try run
    (Hop out the four by fours on three-man,
    Got two, one try run)
    Pissed, cah now they got a crease in the middle
    Whole of your head turn cheerio,
    Bally on my face like Rey Mysterio
    This bally's on inside-out,
    Outside in my AJ, I'm sporty
    See bro with his DayDate 40
    Still getting cash get paid they call me
    Big guns like AK40's (big ones)
    Get the white out no ticks,
    Bad B why your eyebrows so thick?
    Flip one my favourite tool,
    You ain't getting that back gotta leave it all in him
    Just squeeze one hand in my glove XL
    But the index still won't fit in
    Baby girl shake it well,
    Let me see you do more Quinton
    Tryna make them do more sprinting
    Come a long way from sitting in my cell
    That was twenty-three bang up on Sunday
    Got a warhead zoobie of cookies
    So why would I bill that frontways?
    You got a man and you're saying these things,
    Bro, I don't think she cares
    Come link me I still have my thingy
    You can't say I weren't prepared
    In my blue D or Dsquared2 like the slim fits low,
    I don't know about flares (Tighter)
    Just squeeze both sides of the pot like
    When it goes pop you can smell these flavours
    Love chip in my box, not a lot
    This ammi made a man curl up like quavers
    Skid-skrr laters leaving your friend at the scene, outrageous
    90's baby, lighties hate me,
    Still take a next mans boo (tek' her)
    I just came to the ting were neked
    Now I got a pellet let's step back tru'