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  • Title:Kiss and Make Up
  • Artist:Dua Lipa;BLACKPINK
  • Album:Dua Lipa (Complete Edition)
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    作曲 : Mathieu Jomphe-Lépine/Chelcee Grimes/Teddy Parker/Zacharie Raymond/Dua Lipa/Yannick Rastogi/Marc Vincent
    (Verse 1: Dua Lipa)
    We haven't talked all morning
    Bang my head, bang my head against the wall
    I'm scared I'm falling
    Losing all, losing my all control
    And I'm tired of talking
    Feel myself saying the same old things
    But this love's important
    Don't wanna lose, don't wanna lose you this way
    (Pre-Chorus: Dua Lipa & BLACKPINK)
    I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I
    Feel like we about to break up
    Just wanna kiss and make up one last time
    Touch me like you touch nobody
    Put your hands all up on me
    Tired of hearing sorry
    Kiss and make, Kiss, kiss and make up
    How about we leave this party?
    'Cause all I want is you up on me
    Kiss, kiss and make up
    (Verse 2: BLACKPINK)
    아직 너를 못 떠나고
    뭘하고 있는건지
    언젠가는 다 끝날걸
    변난걸 알지만
    고장난 우릴
    다시 고쳐볼 수는 없을지
    아무런 말도 넌 하지마
    마지막은 없어
    (Pre-Chorus: BLACKPINK)
    그 뭐가 돼건
    다 필요없어 너면 됐어
    So tell me, can we work this whole thing out?
    Work this whole thing out
    날 처음만났던 설례는 순간 그때 처럼