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  • Title:Leave Me Alone
  • Artist:Flipp Dinero
  • Album:Leave Me Alone
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    Yah, yah
    Yeah, I miss you but I got no time for that (Damn, yah)
    Yah eh, yah eh
    Yeah, I miss you but I got no time for that
    How could you, wish you never played me
    Have no time for that (damn)
    Claiming you’re my lady
    Got no time for that
    How could you
    Moving like you’re crazy
    I ain’t call you back (damn)
    Leave me alone
    Drunk as ****
    Bitch you dumb as ****
    Running up the bucks (d-damn, ay)
    Bitch you down or what (ya)
    Running up the bucks (damn, ay)
    Yah, yah, yah, yah (ay)
    You was my little lady, drive me crazy
    I was fine with that (damn)
    How you just gon’ play me
    I ain’t fine with that
    Thinking ‘bout you daily
    Smoking crazy while I’m off the tac (damn)
    Flexin', oh we would flex it
    Always had told you that you’d be a star
    Goals in our checklist (damn)
    Question, or check your message
    Knew that I’d come for the beat from the start
    Or she was texting (damn)
    Demon she called (yah)
    Leave and I’m gone (yah)
    Fiendin’ she on (yah)
    Dreaming we on (yah)
    Drop us a coupe
    Dropping the top of my car (ay)
    I cannot love on a bitch when she ****ing the clique
    Man she playing her part (yeah, damn, ay)
    Life is a bitch, knew all that shit from the start (ay)
    I told myself I walk up from that bitch
    And she leave all that shit in the dark (like damn)
    Running up the bucks (damn)
    Yah, yah, yah, yah
    You can’t play me, I’m just wavy
    Sipping purple 'til I’m lazy
    Like a throwback
    Ayisyen how you ain’t know that
    Hit my bop like I’m Lil Kodak
    On the block where it ain’t good at
    I can’t sweat you I’m like who dat?
    I can’t sweat you I don’t do that (nah, nah, ay)
    Tell you the truth
    I ain’t want you to depart (ay)
    I wanted you but I can’t **** with you
    'Cause you different, you can’t play your part (no damn, ay)
    I wanted you from the start (ay)
    I cannot **** on no bitch
    I can’t love when the bitch is not playing her part (like damn)