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  • Title:Armed And Dangerous
  • Artist:Juice WRLD
  • Album:Armed And Dangerous
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    Gun 'em down (Bih, yeah)
    With a .50 (Brr, bih, brr)
    Gun 'em down
    Oh my God, huh
    Ya dig (uh, hoo)
    999 shit, ayy (hoo)
    When I'm in town (Yeah, uh),
    Party's goin' down (You dig? It's goin' down, hoo)
    Shoot 'em down (Bow), with a .50 round
    (You dig? A .50 round, hoo, ayy)
    Run the town (What?), ballin' hard,
    You outta bounds (You dig? Swish, ayy)
    So much money, damn it,
    I forget to count (Cash, cash, cash, you dig? Hoo)
    Ayy, look at my bank account (You dig? Hoo),
    Look at the cash amount (Hoo, ooh, you dig?)
    I get the cash, I'm out (Yeah, hoo),
    I do the dash, I'm out (You dig? Yeah, hoo, ooh)
    Look at my bank account (You dig? Ooh),
    Look at the cash amount (You dig? Skrt, uh)
    I get the cash, I'm out (Look, uh),
    I just be cashin' out (You dig? Skrr)
    Walk in that bitch and I'm faded,
    Uh, I **** that bitch when I'm faded
    I got the M&M's (Millions),
    Called my mom, told her I made it
    Yeah, mama, your son too famous (Yeah),
    He on everybody playlist
    But he's still armed and dangerous,
    He'll pop at a stranger
    Sippin' lean, cliché, I still do it anyway
    Red or purple in the cup,
    Which one shall I pick today? Ayy, ayy
    Sippin' hard, gun on me, no need for bodyguard
    Aim at your body parts,
    Yeah, take off your body parts, yeah
    I'm swingin' when I'm off the ecstasy (Uh),
    That's a Molly park, yeah
    Iron on me, hoo-hoo, that's a Tony Stark, yeah
    Pourin' fours in a twenty, yeah, I'm soda pop, yeah
    I'm O.C., three-gram wood full of OG (Huh)
    Give BM dick like Moby (Uh),
    Gonna make him flash, Adobe (Uh)
    Pay up that cash, you owe me, yeah, huh
    Bitch, I need it
    Matter fact, **** that shit, I'm rich, you can keep it
    Yeah (Bitch, woo, damn, yeah), damn
    Rich niggas over here (They over here, huh), yeah
    Broke niggas over there (They over there, uh, hoo, uh)
    Why is you over here? (Why?)
    Go over there (Go over, uh, go over, hoo, go over there, what?)
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    So much money, damn it, I forget to count
    (Cash, cash, cash, you dig? Hoo)