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  • Title:Ocean to Ocean
  • Artist:Pitbull;Rhea
  • Album:Aquaman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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    They tried to get rid of me
    But from ocean to ocean
    They gon' have to deal with me
    I been overlooked, slept on
    Stepped on, left for dead
    Always against all odds like Pac said
    I'm the living Great Gatsby
    But these boys are watching cricket then
    Disappear like Banksy
    From ocean to ocean, sea to sea
    I'm something that you gotta see
    It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
    There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
    I bless the rains down in Africa (I bless the rains)
    Gonna take some time to do the things we never had
    I practice what I preach but I ain't gon' lie
    I still got love for these streets, 305 till I die
    Still got love for these beats, that's why I spit this fire
    You can catch me on a beat, 'specially on a island
    Took over my city now it's time for the world
    I live a day rapping, there's a difference, girl
    Getting paid more than air fees, man, life is sweet, G
    M on the status, watch me
    I got the world on my shoulder, still crinkle my feet
    Now I say, sleep is the cousin of death so I don't sleep
    These boys act like they hard but we know that they sweet
    They wouldn't bust a grape at a food fight, Bible, please
    Went from rapping with them boys with a mouth full of gold
    To hanging with Slim Jr. down in Mexico
    Take it with a grain of salt and a pound of gold
    The game will still be sold and not told, let's go