• Title:42
  • Artist:Mumford & Sons
  • Album:Delta
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    Where do I turn to when there's no choice to make?
    And how do I presume when there's so much at stake?
    I was so sure of it all
    But what if I need you in my darkest hour?
    And what if it turns out there is no other?
    If this is our last hope
    We would see a sign, oh
    We would see a sign

    Well I've been running from the ashes we left
    Forgiveness speaks for itself but how can I forget
    When there's a stain on it all
    What if it turns out there is no other?
    We had it all
    If this is our time now
    We wanna see a sign, oh
    So give us a sign
    I need some guiding light
    Children of darkness, oh
    Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh