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  • Title:If I Say
  • Artist:Mumford & Sons
  • Album:Delta
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    I came here without a choice
    I'm sorry I could never thank you
    For saving me more trouble
    I didn't want any trouble
    If you were given one more chance
    Would you bring me back to life?
    Bring me back into the light
    Into the light
    And let it shine on, let it shine on us
    And if I say I love you, well, then I love you
    The innocence in your face bled out without a trace
    You've won without an enemy, you're ill without a remedy
    As night bleeds into night, and I know I came off better than you
    It doesn't mean that I feel better
    Show me your hands
    Are they cleaner than mine?
    Show me your face
    Did you cross the line?
    Show me your eyes
    They any drier than mine?
    Your soul survives
    But peace, you'll never find