• Title:GQ
  • Artist:Lola Coca
  • Album:The Only Child
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    You're a man without a backbone
    I see you're looking for a window
    You really think you're something special
    And think you're hot but acting so cold
    That rock 'n rock don't really move my soul
    You're a budget Elvis Costello
    Baby, you deserve a medal
    For being number one asshole
    Stop wasting my time
    Even on the cover of GQ
    I am never going home with you
    A leather jacket don't impress me
    I'm not a fool
    I'm kinda different to the girl-next-door
    I'm looking for something more
    You're barking up the wrong tree
    Girl please, rescue me

    You're the legend of your lunch hour
    Over me you bear no power
    You'll never get a smidge from me
    Acting like a chief on me
    I bet you'd like to see me on my knees
    This ain't reality MTV
    Another reject from the city
    I only listen out of pit
    You're barking off the wrong tree