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  • Title:Kings
  • Artist:Lola Coca
  • Album:The Only Child
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    What a waste of my allowance
    You're the brave and I'm the chief
    Zeros down boy
    Do you better taking as a lessons to learn
    Accept what it would be forever you and me
    You never share my eyes
    I'm on icy cold obstacle oh
    Working late hotel some cocky cool
    The rain would never fall
    But it's not being I'm not breaking
    Now the traffic light is green
    Ooh lala ooh lala ooh lala ohhh
    Forever you and me
    You treat me wrong
    Never get to see
    You caught me up
    I'll take a beat to me
    You played me wrong
    For everyone to see
    Forever you will be
    A king without a queen
    Woah so even on vacation allowance
    Sleeping with the enemy
    I thought I was your baby
    I was blind to let go on
    Forever you and me please
    The traffic light is green
    Go go go
    I never place a thrill
    On tricycle to a bicycle
    I'm sure she's nice and old
    You want to tell me that I'd be missing you
    No more jail oh and a fee
    That is it would be forever you and me
    She's not your cousin stop that
    Trying run the bringing top
    I'm trying to make a king of a cock suck
    Who takes the blame when you made of sit back
    I must to saw the boost
    From your poor back
    Cat got your tougue
    Still try'na cool back
    Baby just pull back
    With excuses come juices a hot that try you sent za
    I learn keep the poo a running for the papa
    Because I never beat no other lover
    I don't know if you know but it's Lola Coca
    Best wishes to you baby mother mother