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  • Artist:Juice WRLD;Seezyn
  • Album:Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Soundtrack From & Inspired by the Motion Picture)
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    Need a drink? (Hoo, ayy, ayy)
    Found my home (Hoo, ooh, hoo, oh)
    She make me leave the thrills at home and I'm fine
    Really think I found my home, shorty made me feel at home
    She made me leave the thrills at home and I'm fine with it
    She really made me lose control, I'ma let my love unfold
    We're just two lost souls, but we're fine with it
    There's love at my front door, short notice
    She not like the sane girls, I noticed
    Think I met my soulmate, yeah, I know it
    When it gets dark outside, in you I confide
    You help me face my demons, I won't hide, hide
    Girls like you, a hard to find
    I hope you don't mind,
    If I give you the time of your life, life, life
    Life is not the same with your pictures in my frame
    Now that you're here, I want nothing to change
    You pick me up when I'm down, I need you around
    You seen me through my darkest times
    Love isn't something that you try to find
    You brought meaning to my life
    All because of you, I do right
    Because of you, I have a purpose
    I **** for the world because you're worth it