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  • Title:Sound Of An Orchestra
  • Artist:Mika
  • Album:Sound Of An Orchestra
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    You lower your hand clarinet will play
    Raise it back up and it flies away
    When you smile violins will soar
    When you move your legs timpani will roar
    I can hear it I can hear it I can hear it I swear
    All the music you're provoking filling up the air
    It's gettin' louder
    This is the sound of an orchestra
    I can hear it playin' everywhere that you are
    There is a sound for everything you do
    This is the sound of my love for you
    Listen to the sound of my love for you
    You don't even know everything I hear
    Every move every nod every time you're near
    If I close my eyes promise I can see
    A hundred people playing and it's just for me
    Before you even say what I know you're gonna say
    That all the sounds I hear are only in my head
    Come stand really close hold me like you do
    Then all the music in my head you'll hear