• Title:NE:ONE
  • Artist:Survive Said The Prophet
  • Album:Ne:One / Hi L Lo (Special Edition)
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    CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion/Code Geass反叛的魯路修《皇道》歌:NE:ONE 歌手:Survive Said The Prophet
    koe takute tada kae takute
    jibun jishin wo oitsumete mitari atte

    Shojiki ni nare naku natte
    Did you burn or let yourself just fade away?
    Is it better just to burn than fade away?
    Some live the dream to die for this moment
    Some wait for signs for heavens to open
    It's not pretending who you are
    If we are the proof of what we've done
    To do what is right or do what you're told
    They're both the same - can't make everyone happy
    If i lived my dream to die for this moment
    would i choose the same, in spite what the world says?
    what makes it right?
    and who makes it wrong?
    who in the hell decided this all along?
    It's not pretending anymore
    koe takute kie sa tatte
    mamoru mono mamore ta to ikikasete
    we started looking for signs denying every direction
    kowakatta to wa ieknakute
    Do we burn or let ourselves just fade away?
    away away...
    Is it better just to burn than fade...?
    Dare yori mo koe te ikitakute
    (koe taku te tada kae taku te)
    (shojiki ni nare naku natte)
    (kowakatta to wa ie naku te)
    Do we burn our let ourselves just fade away?
    Dare yori mo koete ikitakute