• Title:Heavy
  • Artist:Delta Goodrem
  • Album:Wings of the Wild
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    I fought a battle, I fought a war
    I felt the rain on my face
    Sometimes to find what you're looking for
    You've got to learn from your worst mistakes
    I made a wish on a satellite
    That I mistook for a star
    Guess when you build up to break down
    You find out who you really are
    How did it all get so heavy
    I used to stand up so tall
    There's only so much I can carry
    Before I fall
    And they tell me "girl you're so lucky"
    "You've got the world in your hands"
    But you know the world gets so heavy
    You don't understand
    And that's heavy
    Just tell me what's the intention
    Is it to fall in love
    I tried to find a connection
    Between how it is and how it was
    I made a promise I couldn't keep
    Another story to tell
    You swear to god that you know me
    But I don't, don't even know myself
    Sometimes I lay awake in bed at night
    I close my eyes and all I see is see the dreams I used to dream about when I was younger
    I wonder where I took the path of no return
    I might've lost my way a hundred times but no I never ever lost the ground
    Oh and I know every cut and every stitch and every scar
    I know they've gotten me this far, they only made me tough, they made me stronger
    The limit's hard to break but I just can't get off the phone
    I offer days when I was free and I would listen on the phone
    It all got so heavy
    They tell me "girl you're so lucky"
    But the world gets so heavy
    And that's heavy, heavy