• Title:Enough
  • Artist:GIZZLE;Delta Goodrem
  • Album:Wings of the Wild
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    They used to tell me I weren't smart enough
    Said I'd never make it, I don't resemble the stars enough
    Man I'm just tryna get my heart to pump
    Gave my all every time, I guess my all wasn't enough
    They said I talk too much, didn't talk enough
    Told me I should change but never said what I should change into
    Man I'm just tryna play the game witchu
    When you gonna see, I'm just me, I ain't the same as you
    I just wanna give my all, the rise and fall, the works
    I just wanna leave my mark upon your heart, a word
    What do I gotta say
    How do I gotta brave
    What do I gotta do
    Tell me who do I gotta be
    What do you want from me
    What do I gotta prove
    No matter what I do
    I'm not breaking for you
    Tell me what do I gotta give
    How do I gotta live
    When it's not enough for you
    It's not enough for you
    Well my first mistake was tryna please everybody
    Only to realise that I aint need anybody
    But all I ever wanted was acceptance
    Till I accpeted myself, now I can check that off my checklist
    I am no longer checking for your guest list
    Or where I land on your best list
    I look in my reflection and it tells me who the best is
    So I could never do it like the rest did
    I know they wanna see me break
    I know they'd rather see me fall
    And that's the very reason why
    Ima rise above it all
    They used to say I wasn't strong
    Said I wasn't going very far
    Well now I'm shining like a star
    And I'm screening all my calls
    Could you call me back tomorrow