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  • Title:I'm Not Ready
  • Artist:Delta Goodrem
  • Album:Child Of The Universe
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    I am broken
    There’s a stranger on the phone
    Something’s missing from seven years ago
    You tell me baby, don’t you cry anymore
    That’s the past and not what we’ve become but I know
    I am shaking
    Not a breath left to breathe
    All this sadness so cold that I can’t speak
    Look me in the eyes
    You know it’s ok that we didn’t make it forever
    Come hold my hand
    Hold on to this last minute we have together
    I’m not ready to say goodbye
    You and god both know all the years I’ve tried
    And if it’s over give me the strength to go
    Cause I know I’m never gonna be
    I’ll never be ready to say goodbye to you
    Your bags are all packed
    They’re waiting at the door
    But it’s hard to imagine you won’t live here anymore
    I’m scared of tomorrow and the emptiness to come
    But I’ve changed for the better since I’ve known your love
    So look me in the eyes
    Let’s hold on to this last minute we have together
    Cause I’m not ready to say goodbye
    I’ll never be ready
    And even if we tried we would end up right back to this place together
    This was not a lie, what we had will always be real love forever
    You and god both know
    All the years I’ve tried