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  • Title:Cry Out
  • Artist:Tom Walker
  • Album:What a Time to Be Alive
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    作曲 : Tom Walker/Paul Barry
    作词 : Tom Walker/Paul Barry
    Rain hits hard on the door tonight
    Whispers in the wind, there's a wolf outside
    Tryna stay together but I'm terrified
    Asking, are you coming back again?
    'Cause I can't rock all the last words we spoke
    Broken up, lying on your telephone
    Holding back tears as I start to choke
    Tell me, are you coming back again?
    I need to know, will these nightmares end?
    The sound of your torture is bringing us pain
    The weight on my shoulders I know I can't take
    Cry out, we will hear you
    Cry out so you can find your way back home
    Soon you'll find your way back home
    Sitting here flicking through photographs
    Tryna figure out just where you're at
    Haven't heard from you, I don't understand
    Are you coming back again?
    Getting more and more nervous as the seconds pass
    Pour another beer in my dirty glass
    Searching for a hope but it's fading fast
    Can you find your way back home?
    Cry out, we will be near you